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"Dating Isn't Fair - Find Out What Women

Dear Friend,

Women are literally laughing at 95% of men's online dating profiles and it's not because these guys are ugly or funny looking, it's because of the attitudes these men have to dating and women.

Their online profiles scream to women that they are clueless and desperate and they don't even know it. They think this is what women want and then they scratch their heads when women turn around and tell them, "let's just be friends" or "I'm not in the right place in my life for a boyfriend, but you're a really nice guy though".

I bet some of this sounds familiar to you, which is nothing to be ashamed of....

Because this used to be my life's story!

Haha, it's funny when I think about it now, but at the time I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I'm not just talking about online dating here, I'm talking about dating in general. I HAD NO CLUE AT ALL!

But I started reading everything I could get my hands on (I spent thousands of pounds on tapes, courses, you name it), I tried every possible technique under the sun, I got rejected 100 times over all in the name of trying to learn how to be successful with women.

It wasn't just like I woke up one day and I magically became great with women and never got rejected ever since, because thats not true. But I do have a tried and true method to be super successful with women that has been working for me for over 2 years.

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Have a look at this screen shot:

RSVP dating Inbox

This screen shot shows you how many women responded to my ad and wanted to know more about me. This is only in a 2 day period using only 1 online dating site!

I'll be honest, not every one of these women were my type, nor after chatting online or going on a date was I what all these women were looking for, but online dating is a numbers game.....

And while online dating is a numbers game, you don't have to be attractive, rich or anything like that to be successful with women. In fact, the guys I know who are most successful with women don't have a lot of money and they are just average looking men. Nothing special about them, except they know what women want, and they behave and hold themselves in ways women find attractive.

This is what I teach you in this guide today.

Here's a taste of what you'll discover:

  • Why women no matter of age, sex or race look for the exact same type of qualities in men they date

- In this chapter I explain the unwritten law of attraction. If you don't understand this, you are never going to be successful with women, no matter what you look like or how much money you have.

  • How to get rid of your fear of approaching and meeting hot women

- You can be as cool as a cucumber when you're chatting to these women online, but if you don't bring your A game to the table on the first date, it's all over red rover. But don't worry, after reading this chapter, you will never worry about being a jittery mess again. Scouts honour.

  • How to get women literally obsessing over your online profile and jumping to contact you first

- The worst thing you can do to hinder your online dating chances is to write a "me too" type profile like every other guy online. Women (yes, even the less attractive women) are literally hounded by men on these sites and are sick of the same old boring profiles. I even give you online dating profile examples you can steal as your own!

  • Learn how to write email follow ups that get womens attention and you on a first date

- The worst mistake you can make is giving up too much info too quickly and not asking for a date straight away. If you do this, you will end up becoming best friends with these women and not potential mates.

  • How to get a woman's phone number fast using instant chat services like MSN

- Online dating is a step by step process and if this step is not working for you, you will never get a date. If you can't get a woman's phone number quickly and confidently, you're dead in the water and some other guy will take the girl away from you again.

  • You will learn the complete step by step process I use to this day to get more dates in a week then any guy I know

- The most successful guys I know use a 9 step guide when it comes to online dating and that's what I show you in this book in detail. NOTHING is left out at all! From Step 1: Learning the laws of attraction to Step 9: How to date multiple women.

  • Learn all of this plus a hell of a lot more

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It's a short report, but CHOCK FULL of information on how to be cool and keep up with trends. I show you things like where I buy my clothes online for my dates (I have first date shirts), what music to listen to, which websites to get the best information from - things like that.

It's called "Keeping Up With What's Cool" and it's yours free when you order online today.

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BONUS OFFER 3: "How Nice Guys, Shy Guys and Good Guys Finish First" (£11.97 Value)

There's a fundamental shift occuring around the world that will assist nice guys, shy guys and good guys like you to stand out as potential mates for women looking for a man.

The report doesn't deal with trickery, lying or scamming women. It's an honest approach for guys to get women who will be interested in them for telling the truth and being themselves.

I know it works because I've used the approach for seven years successfully to meet tons of beautiful and intelligent women!

Beautiful, Sexy and Intelligent Women Are Literally Waiting For You To Come and Save Them!

I don't know about you but when I went through my shy guy period I didn't approach many women that I was interested in. Only later to find out they had liked me and would have talked with me if I had made a move. Don't be like me! Make your move!

BONUS OFFER 4: Dating Resource Report (£7.97 Value)

A compilation of articles that provide tips for guys regarding flirting, kissing women on the first date, sex tips, overcoming shyness when approaching women and fear of dating.

BONUS OFFER 5: The Untrained Man Report (£7.47 Value)

Explains why men tend to screw up relationships with women and are not aware of it. It can help women understand men. A great conversation starter that will get women talking(hint, hint).


BONUS OFFER 6: The Chick Magnet (£12.99 Value)

Learn the 100% fool-proof methods to attract any chick you want at anytime! Regardless of your looks, bank balance or personality - that every guy needs to know – no matter your circumstances.

Lucy Roberts has studied male behavior for the past 5 years. In this time she dated over 85 men of all different  personality types (from the shy guy, to computer geek, to rich boy and poor boy and even a few bad boys).

She also interviewed well over 200 women and got to the nitty gritty’s of what pulls their attraction signals and what turns them off. She dedicated quite literally years to write this book to show men EXACTLY how they can attract any woman at any time!

BONUS OFFER 7: How To Overcome Anxiety When Approaching Women
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Discover how you can eliminate anxiety when approaching women PLUS explode your confidence and self-esteem so you can charm the pants off any woman, anytime!

Let's be honest here, if you're experiencing any symptoms of anxiety when approaching women (e.g. hyperventilating, sweaty palms, stuttering), it can be debilitating, embarrassing and frustrating and not to mention outright ruin your chances of snagging that pretty little lady you've had your eye on.

The majority of the single male race will experience these symptoms of anxiety when approaching women, EVEN some married men still do get these symptoms! And it DOES affect your results with the ladies! But it's not your fault. There just hasn't been much awareness brought to this subject... but all that has now changed with Lucy Roberts' examination of how to overcome anxiety the easy way.


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I was going to sell this package for £37 since most of the products I sell online are either £37 or more to buy and considering the amount of information you will learn, it would be a really fair price.

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